Friday, September 25, 2015

The little Dresses..1

The Little Denim Dress versus the Little Black Dress...

The Little Dresses

A good percentage of ladies own at least one dress in their closet; there is no doubt about that. The first color of choice of  dress for most ladies is the black dress hence the popular trend of the "LBD" aka the little black dress. However, the LBD is slowly being dethroned by the "LDD," aka the little denim dress. This classic dress has been around for ages just like its counter part, the denim jacket. Although, the denim dress cannot go to very formal occasions like the little black dress but it can go as far as you want to take it with the right accessories. Below are two styling options for this classy little dresses...

The little black Dress

                                      The little black Dress by ojomrs featuring suede pumps

The little Denim Dress

Fashion is all about having fun; it's all about communication and a form of self expression. Whatever way you choose to express yourself in your attire; formal, informal, casual; do not forget about the dresses. They do not have to be short in length to be regarded as a "little dress" but they just have to be fun, classy and chic!

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                                                          Beauty Ojo


  1. That strapless dress is divine!
    Happy weekend, darling!


  2. I'm loving these collages Beauty! I am still on the look out for the perfect denim dress and this one looks fabulous, especially the way you styled it.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    xx with love Tamara Chloé

  3. Little Black Dress, Little Denim Dress...I'm here for both! That second black, sleeveless dress and the leopard print heels in the last pic, are everything!!!

  4. I love both dresses and the way you styled them. Super cute!

  5. lovely outfits!


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