Saturday, December 6, 2014

Grandma's Trench

Oversized coats are trending right now including capes and all kinds of colorful and stylish outerwear. Living in Minnesota, a state that is known for its long winter months, winter coats are essential and having multiple coats or a closet dedicated to winter accessories is no big deal. For me though, previously, I never really thought much of winter coats as statement pieces. I only bought coats in neutral colors; black, brown, grey, beige and occasional red. Right now, I have started adding some diversity to my winter coats collection and I recently added some trenches and coats in colorful hues. This oversized trench coat which I nicknamed "Grandma's trench" was a recent addition too and I really love the color. The temperature was in the thirties today and the weather felt very great so, it was the right weather for a trench coat.

The grey denim pants are a work in progress. I dug them out of the pile of clothes that I had put together for donation. They are pretty old and worn but since distressed jeans are trending right now, I decided to do some DIY on it and I'm not done yet. First of all, I loosened the hem as they had gone very short; then I took the nail file to them to create the distressed patches. I did not want to use bleach. I'll reserve that technique for another pair that I would be working on next. Have you ever done any DIY on denim that you would like to share? Do leave me some much needed tips in the comment section below.

                                                                 Trench Coat: Vintage store
                                                                 Animal print scarf and bag: Target
                                                                 White tee: Loft
                                                                 Denim: old
                                                                 Booties: Aldo

                                                         Thanks so much for stopping by

                                                                       Beauty Ojo


  1. Really loving the coat and jeans, Beauty. :)
    Hope you're having a fab weekend.

  2. Look e lugar maravilhoso amei belas imagens
    tenha uma semana abençoada, Curta e siga o meu canal

  3. You can never go wrong with a great trench coat!

  4. Great grandma trench coat and you look beautiful.

  5. I have never been to Minnesota, but i have heard how cold it gets over there. So cheers to a winter wardobe just for that. Coats are absolutely so needed and creating ways to make them stylish is always cool. Your scarf is a really nice touch of a statement piece and you look lovely my friend :).

    1. Awwww; thanks so much for your sweet comment.
      Have a great week.

  6. Great winter coat, you cant go wrong with a trench. I love how you are wearing out more often.

  7. You know I have had trenches on the brain. Yours is a great length.. I remember how cold it was where you were last year. I hope this year is better for you. Keep us posted on the DIY for those jeans and tell me all about that fabulous clutch next time :)

  8. Amazing and elegant look! =)


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  9. You are so right about over-sized coats. Girl, I am so ready to wear my throw, or my daughter's blanket! You look beautiful dear. I love the boots.

  10. Wonderful Look! Also love the gorgeous Bag :)

    many Hugs

  11. That's a great look, Beauty. I've always admired the distressed look of jeans, but I've never tried to attempt doing it on my own. You did a great job, though. Blessings... :)

  12. I absolutely love your trench coat! It is so chic!

  13. Love your trench! What about this one?

  14. I think you look very chic and put together in this trench!! It does look freezing in tbe background though! Hope you are keeping yourself warm and ready for the holidays :)

  15. I like the colour combo you've made here - natural tones and green accents.
    I remember those trench coats and I think you've styled it up very nicely. I like mixing a vintage garment in a modern outfit and giving it new live :)

    Lu |


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