Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sushi Outfit

Hi Friends; I'm trying to upload all my saved pictures unto the blog before the year ends; three more days to go!!! Wow!!! I do not want to carry over any of them into the new year...:-). New year, new beginning...LoL!!! I couldn't think of a better title for this post so, I hope you do not mind and can find humor in it.

This outfit is what I wore to have dinner with my friends earlier this month at a Japanese restaurant. My friends were going on vacation for Christmas with their families and we wanted to have dinner together before they left so we picked a Japanese restaurant for our meet-up and it was quite fun. 

I wanted to put on an all black outfit then decided to put on this black and white print pant I got from Macy's a while back. For some reason, I couldn't find the earrings I wanted to wear that evening and after making a mess in my closet, I decided to just go without earrings but not before throwing on a statement necklace. I have been stocking up on them after I discovered the Walmart collection recently. These statement necklaces are the best thing to have come out of Walmart...:-). And at $10.00 a piece, they're a real steal. My hair was also all over the place but it was a situation of "big hair-don't care!"..LoL!!!

I had so much fun that night I can tell you. We ate and chatted well into the night and were the last set to leave the restaurant. The food was good too; it was actually my first time sampling Japanese cuisine and I enjoyed it. We took some pictures when we were about to leave and for some reason the lighting was not in our favor but we managed to save some pictures.

My friends are fashionistas; I tell you. They have kids like me but they are some stylish Moms! I liked the sequin dress and thigh high boots that my friend Bunmi wore and  Naya wore a black jumpsuit with a stylish leopard prints belt and a teal jacket; very chic and stylish. I'm going to re-create both looks on the blog. It was nice too for us to take out time from our busy schedule and the kids to just get together and have some ladies' time.

                                                                 Top: Target
                                                                 Pant: Macys: old
                                                                 Booties: Altuzzara for Target
                                                                 Jacket: Wilson's Leather: old
                                                                 Necklace: Walmart
                                                                 Bag: Jacqueline Farrar

I wish the pictures were better but that is it. I got a few more outfits coming up too. I wish everyone a happy new year in advance.

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  1. the neckpiece is really a the way it pops. looking good.x

  2. It does look like a fun statement necklace. I could go for some sushi right now!

  3. Such a stylish outfit. I adore your printed pants.

  4. You look really wonderful, gorgeous trousers :) x

  5. Love the pants and the neckpiece

  6. "Big hair don't care" is right! You rocked it. You look happy in those pictures. I love the pants.


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