Monday, November 10, 2014

Bundled up in Plaid and Grey

Yeah, the first snow storm of the season in Minnesota is happening right now and it's also the first snow fall in the twin cities; Minneapolis-St. Paul for the season. There was so much talk about it over the weekend by the Weather forecasters and at midnight, it started pouring down and there are huge snow flakes still flying around now as I type. The temperature dropped a bit too and it's definitely obvious that old man Winter is here.

Well, I thought it was time to start bundling up and I made sure the kids were dressed up nice and warm when I sent them off to the bus-stop too. This Plaid midi skirt and grey sweater seem to be a perfect combination for a snowy, windy and cold day like this. I threw a belt over my old jacket too to achieve a military look; one of the currents trends in jackets and I must say it made me more warm. I'm thinking now of investing in a quality belted jacket. I got to keep an eye out for the end of season sales.

I Played and goofed around in the snow as my three year old daughter took the pictures with her ipad but we didn't stay outside for too long because it was still quite cold...:-). The pictures are blurry too but hey, it was windy, cloudy and snowy..

Jacket and Scarf: Old
Sweater and Shirt: J. C. Penny
Bag: Aldo (old)
Shoes: VS (old)

Did you get the first snow fall yet over at your end? Snow can be so pretty to look at but very messy to drive in. I wish everyone a safe Winter season with God's protection and mercy. Stay warm too.

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                                                                                 Beauty Ojo


  1. such a cool day. I like your outfit.
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  2. Happy Monday! Your outfit is perfect for the weather. Goodness, I can't believe you guys got snow already... :)

  3. It's supposed to be FALL! I love how you kept the colors together, Beauty.

    1. I know..:-). We got loaded with the white stuff..**sigh**

  4. thats a cute preppy outfit x


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