Monday, October 27, 2014

A little leather and leopard prints

Hi friends, I hope everyone is doing great; so hard to believe that its Monday again. I'm still so tired from having a busy weekend but I wanted to quickly do this outfit post before getting my much needed sleep. I have some outfit posts I have scheduled for this month and I want to post them all before the last day of October which is my birthday. Woot! Woot!! So, I'm on to some marathon posting...:-). Maybe one post everyday?

If you check my blog archive for previous years, you will find out that I always like to do a lot of postings in October. I don't even have a clear reason for doing it except for the fact that I just want everything to be great on the blog and it will not be great if I look back and find out that I didn't do too good with my postings on my birthday month. Type A personality without the anger and fraustration??? Well, pardon my ramblings, I'm just having fun because you must know that I really love blogging by now...:-).

                                                                                Dress: Chico
                                                                    Infinity Scarf: Charlotte Russe
                                                                      Shoes: BCBG via DSW
                                                                                  Bag: Old

                       No, my head does not hurt, I'm just trying to strike a cool pose...:-).

So, I'm leaving you with this little number; a faux leather sheath dress with one of my favorite prints and a bold pop of  tangerine color. Something to spice up our color senses for the new week...:-).
Have a great night my friends and watch out for my GIVEAWAY post. You can see the preview in my previous post.

                                                             Thanks so much for stopping by

                                                                              Beauty Ojo


  1. This is a very sexy look for you. I like how you aren't showing any skin, but yet the sex appeal factor is high!

  2. Your dress is super gorgeous. Beautiful leather and animal print. You look perfect!

  3. Great dress!!!


  4. Looking great :)

    The dress has a great textrure also :D

    Hope you will stop by to check out my new posts!


    Top 5 Luxury Watches!
    Bedroom inspiration kids!

  5. yes honey! that dress is everything and more. o and the pumps are good too! thanks again for participating in the pink post!

    1. Thanks for inviting me. I enjoyed doing the feature.

  6. You rocked it, girl. I love the shoes.


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