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Accessories! Accessories!!  Accessories!!! So, it's time to talk about these clothing items that all women own. Bags and purses are very essential to any outfit. Some women love bags, some like jewelry and some like shoes and others just like all of them. Christian women should know that no importance or value should really be attached to these things because they are all physical or material items. Our most valuable accessory should be our bible. However, we still need these things for their basic function.

So, if you have been reading this blog  for some time you would have noticed by now that I do not pay much attention to bags and jewelry as accessories. Well, I decided recently to step up my accessory game and rather than paying hundreds of dollars on those designer brands, I took to good old thrifting.

There is this large thrift/consignment/vintage store in a little mall in my neighborhood and I have been in there before to purchase jackets but they recently remodeled the store and had a huge clearance sale. On the first day of the sale, the store was full of people and stylists who ran around trying to pick items for customers. There were also beautifully styled mannequins everywhere to give inspiration to those who needed it. I am not a fashion stylist or expert but also didn't need the assistance of one so I went straight to the accessories department and at the end of the day, these are the items I got.

I got some colorful vintage messenger bags for $6.00 a piece and also some cute purses and clutches. All the items were only slightly worn but I did give them a good wiping down with a soft cloth dipped in sanitizer when I got home. I also keep my essential knick-knacks in ziplock bags before putting them into my purses whether new or old to keep everything in place, clean and organized.

Isn't this green messenger bag  just so cute! The little speck you see at the back of the bag is just a speck of light

Grey color Rossetti messenger bag

This Steve Madden silver Clutch was $12

                                                                               This gold sequin clutch is so lovely.

 I really like the hardware on this cute red clutch below. The two vintage belts below cost $3.99 a piece and they really look cool. Now, I have got very cute colorful bags to dress up my outfits. Thrifting is definitely implied in the definition of a virtuous woman in the bible (Proverbs 31: 10-31) and I would want you ladies to try it out sometime. Look around in your neighborhood; there might just be a thrift or Cosignment store around the corner. Also, there is no need to splurge on high ends all the time. Remember the parable of the ten talents in the bible? (Matthew 25: 14-30). God wants us to be very wise on where and how we spend our money as christians. I know it is very important for christians to look good and well put together because the way we dress can be a way or means of sharing the goodness of Jesus Christ. As a christian woman, you can always have that very cute fashion statement at all times which make other ladies come up to you to ask; "where did you get that?" Such question can be a great conversation starter and can begin the process of giving out that invitation to come to a bible study or church meeting. The purpose of looking good as christians is not to look conceited or proud but to reflect the beauty and glory of being blessed by God. For me, this statement piece has always been shoes but now I feel like I want to start expanding my bag and jewelry collection.

So, you see, my colorful purses really didn't cost a bunch at the end of the day because they are thrift items. These might not be the bags to take to the office or that board meeting but they are bags you can take to a casual outing. You can slip your bible, phone and wallet into one and be on your way to church. Look out for these items on the blog…:-). I'm going to wear them out!!

                                                                           Vintage Jewelry

This necklace here is kind of very unique; It's magnetic because it has no closure or hooks. It just folds around your neck and the great thing about it too is that it can be also be used as a bracelet.


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