Sunday, April 27, 2014

Rain, Rain, Go Away…

It's a rainy day in the twin cities today. The rain started as a heavy thunderstorm last night and went on all through the morning. I knew the rain was forecast in the news a few days ago but I woke up with no idea of what to wear to church today. The only thing I was sure of was that I was going to wear my "All Weather Shoes." My good old trusted Qupid patent platform heels can weather all kind of storms…:-) Snow, rain, hail…All I have to do at the end of the day is to wipe it with a clean piece of towel, lay it on the vanity to dry and then put it away for next time.

At first, I thought of wearing winter boots then decided against it. I was done with anything winter in my mind, body, soul and spirit. After perusing in my closet for a few minutes, I quickly put together an outfit; a black and white check jacket over a pair of orange color pants. It was a very simple outfit and the orange color pants made the whole outfit pop. As the rain poured, I had the nagging temptation to sneak under the blankets with a hot cup of cocoa in my hand and the remote control at my side but then I quickly rejected the idea. I was late for church at the end of the day but I'm glad I made it. Hubby got ready so quick and was on his way with the kids so I made it there on my own and actually enjoyed driving in the down pour.

It is funny how people can be so scared or respectful of their bosses and supervisors at work and would do anything to get to work on a rainy or snowy day but when it comes to going to church, the weather becomes an excuse. Well, I'm glad I was not part of that crowd today. I found my good old brolly which I had not used in ages and as I opened it up, I thought of how umbrellas have changed over the years. These days, they are an item of fashion; fancy and stylish. As I drove, I got inspired to sing some rhymes about my brolly and I have poured it on the space below…:-)

                                                                          Pants: J. C. Penny
                                                                          White tee: Hanes
                                                                          Heels: Qupid
                                                                          Jacket: Thrifted

My good old, old,  brolly
ever ready, ever lovely

My good old brolly,
wide, round and comfy
brown wooden handle,
Good, good grapple

Now, they're transparent,
sometimes look like a tent
seen with models strutting the runway
customized and designed, all kinds of way
My good old brolly, remains black and lovely

Yes, it is old fashioned but I never use it with caution
 It is strong, reliable and ever lovable
it might not have style yet it's always right

My old brolly, ever ready,
Ever lovely.


                      Thanks so much for stopping by. I wish you all the best in the new week.

                                                                    **God Bless**

                                                                       Beauty Ojo


  1. You are the second person that I have seen make holding an umbrella look so sexy since Rihana. I love those heels girl.

    1. It's me again, hun! Yes, you have to answer the same questions. Just Copy, Paste, and add your own answers. Thank you!

    2. Thanks Nerline for tagging me. **Kisses**

  2. Such a pretty look, and stunning pics in the rain. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

  3. We are suppose to get lots of rain the rest of the week too.

    You look fabulous. I never look that good in the rain, lol. Love the outfit!

  4. LOVE this look!!! The plaid blazer looks great against the red pants. And the stacked pumps are a fab addition. HAUTE!!!


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