Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Keeping cool...

This Summer heat wave that is going on around the country, caused me to make some changes to my wardrobe recently and the changes included getting some extra clothing pieces that really scream summer or should I say "heat wave!"...:) This pink sheer top and black shorts are some of the pieces I got. I never really liked putting on shorts (at least not outside the confines of my home) but after the dangerous heat that I experienced last summer despite excessive air conditioning, I decided to do something about it this year.

This pink sheer high-low blouse was gotten from a neighborhood departmental store called Deb. They had a summer clearance sale a couple of months ago and I was glad that I got to know about it on time. I stocked up on a couple of light fabric blouses and got shorts in different colors. This black pair with fold-ups at the knee are from H & M. Thankfully, the shorts were just the right length for me; not too short and stopped right at the knees. The pink blouse has a V-cut at the back but I decided to wear a racer back tank top underneath. I still want to be modest even though I want to keep cool...:)

I broke out some sweat in the few minutes I stayed outdoors taking these pics...

Aside from the heat another reason I have for stocking up on light and breezy pieces this summer is because I want to feel as comfortable as I can as my mid-section expands...:) Yeah, we are having a new addition to our ever growing family and our little angel is due this winter. So, do not be surprised to see pics of my growing mid-section on the blog; and of course! baby bumps are trending...:)

Blouse: Deb Stores
Shorts: H & M
Bracelet: Target
Shoes: Qupid via Burlington

Thanks for reading and please stay cool by drinking lots and lots of water and staying indoors where there is air conditioning. Wearing light breezy clothes is a must! and occasional splash in the pool does not hurt a thing!! Be safe in all you do and God bless.

                                                                                  Beauty Ojo


  1. Im loving the top, it really screams summer.

  2. This pieces are indeed chic and you made a good decision to buy them for the heat wave!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog


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