Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cobalt and black and December First!

Waoh! It's hard to believe that it's December 1st and we are in the last month of the year. Each time I make this statement, I always follow it by this line; "I can remember vividly everything that happened in the previous year like it happened yesterday!" Oh my...well, so long as everything is going as planned and we are all making progress towards achieving our dreams, we'll just take each day as it comes allowing God to take total control of all our situation. And the way we can do this is to believe and trust in him. We also have to maintain contact with him by continually praying and giving him the worship that he deserves.

It's getting very cold now in the twin cities and the time for layering has come; sweaters, snoods, scarves, jackets, boots, name it. However, I am sad to say that I have broken my word on keeping a "shopping freeze" for a year. I had promised myself I was not going to shop or purchase any item of clothing for one full year but...

I took a trip to the thrift store a few weeks ago to look for some items that I can use to decorate my bathroom and found myself looking at the jacket and blazers that were on display and there was a green suede blazer and a tweed blazer that I just could not resist. Do you know that suede is gradually coming back as a trend on the runway and did I mention that these blazers were $6.99 each?...:) Well, I did get them and I went back a few days ago and also saw a neat blazer in hot pink. Now, I can say that I have blazers and jackets in almost every color; black, white, khaki, green, pink, brown...just name it. You need to take a trip to the thrift store sometimes if you need vintage blazers without breaking the bank and you can pay some extra cash to have them dry-cleaned and they are good to go. Also there are great items for decor in the thrift stores too and if you are a good shopper, you will find unique items and knick knacks that will make your guests to ask you for shopping secrets. I have three bathrooms in my house and since I like to change out my decor seasonally, I have found great bargain at the thrift stores. "Recycling everyone?"

My love for color continues and these cobalt blue items; my shoes and fitted tee took this outfit up a notch. The scarf ties everything together and I am all warm and ready to go.

Thanks so much for reading my blog and I do enjoy getting your thoughts and feed backs. Take care and **Peace!**

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