Friday, December 7, 2012

Black, white, mint and brr...rrrrr

Hi beauties, I feel like I have been out from Blogs Ville for a long long time. I have been so busy with finals coming up in a few days and all the preparation for the holidays coming up that includes shopping and planning. Much of my planning have actually been centered on redecorating some parts of my home. The places that are most affected are my bathrooms, laundry room and dinning room. I enjoy decorating and having three bathrooms in a six bedroom house is a huge blessing to me...:)

Also, I had some beauty issues; had a lot of breakouts on my face which usually happens sometimes when I am stressed out. The beauty products I usually resort to are Mary-Kay and Herbal Life products and sometimes, I just do nothing...:) Well, I am okay now and black to blogging!! "Yay!!"

The weather has also been very cold as you can tell from the title of this post. Old Man Winter is finally here..

Did I tell you this post was going to be picture over load? Well, you know now. I did not have time to edit the pictures and I did not feel like leaving out any of them. More so, let's just say I love all that snow I see in the background. Yeah, fresh snow is so beautiful but brr...rrr

 Previously before I started my blog and had a color makeover, I would have just been content with wearing the staple black, white and grey assemble in this outfit and that would have been it. However, I decided to throw in the mint and teal colors with the earrings, DIY bracelet and bag and I absolutely love how it turned out.

It was so cold and my exposed hands were starting to get numb so, I made an attempt at doing some power walking to keep the cold out!...:)

I got to go back to my chores now. Enjoy your weekend and thanks a lot for stopping by my blog. Also, remember that knowing God is the answer to all life's problems. **Kisses**


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