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Hi Beauties, it's another day of glory. The weather has really changed a bit and the cold is starting to get here in full force. It's being a little chilly and windy today. I just wanted to sleep in and enjoy a hot cup of cocoa and some toast but had to drag myself up to face the tasks of the day. This is what I wore today minus the shoes which I just put on solely for this shoot. Some comfortable black flats took its place for the much needed errand run. It was a little chilly so I threw a scarf around my neck; not cold enough for a jacket yet I think. And also, if it gets warmer later in the day, I can use the scarf as a head-tie while still infusing some color into my black colored outfit. Here are the two looks below;

Peek a

 I am going to complete the LIEBSTER AWARD POST today with this post and you can check out the PART ONE HERE.  Before I answer the questions, I will tell you about my outfit. All jewelry in this post except my earrings which are from Target and my rings from Burlington, are all thrifted and yes! I do believe in the three R'S; REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE.

Stretch blouse, scarf and black pants are from Tj Maxx and my black Kenneth Cole Reaction tote is also from Tj Maxx. You have to own a lot of totes and over sized bags if you are a Mum in order to be able to take all those knick knacks kids need; diapers, wipes, snacks, hand it.

Before I begin, I will like to thank Neilly of Aux Caprices de Flore for nominating me and I am going to say a little bit about the award; It is handed/passed onto beginning bloggers who have less than 200 members (Followers) on their site and the receiver is supposed to do a post to reveal some information to her readers to enable them know the blogger better...

The Award's rules are:

1. When you receive the award, thank the person who gave it to you and post the link
of her/his blog inn your post.

2. Then you (receiver of the award), post eleven things about yourself.

3. Answer the eleven question that the tagger has set for you.

4. Choose eleven inspiring bloggers with less than 200 followers and link their pages in your post. Then create eleven question for them to answer.

5. Go to their pages and tell them.

6. No tag back!



Now let's get to the questions.

1) Green or not? (Save the planet!)
Green of course!Green it is!! I believe in saving the planet and saving the souls in it.

2) What genre of music do you like?
I love Gospel Music any time, any day. It helps me to meditate which normally leads to worship

3) What is your favorite meal?
I do not really have a favorite meal but I would say that I am finding it hard to decide between spicy wings and potato wedges/fries, fried plantain and eggs (African dish) and Chinese fried rice with beef stir fry and honey chicken..hmmmm; a lot of  fried foods I must say. "Not healthy though."

** My scowling face** Now, what is the next question?

4) Have you ever traveled in a foreign country? If yes, where?
I have not travelled to a foreign country yet but I am planning to do so soon. I am originally from Nigeria in West Africa and have made a lot of stop overs at the Amsterdam Airport en route to Africa. My plan is to visit the UK soon. I have friends  and family there who are constantly sending invitations my way.

5) Where do you live?
I live in the State of Minnesota; the mid-western part of the United States.

6) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Five years from now, I want to continue doing all the beautiful things I do right now; blogging, making friends, reaching out to people with the Gospel, raising my beautiful family, spending time with my hubby and just enjoying life generally..

7) Tell one dream or something you will like to realize in 6 months.
My intention has always been to learn how to sew very well with a sewing machine and I have been trying to do this for years but have not been able to fit it into my hectic schedule of work, family and school. So, hopefully, I will be able to get those much needed sewing lessons soon so that I can start creating all those amazing designs in my head. My dream is to be my own designer; to design clothing/brand for myself and my girls.

8) What is the extreme/eccentric thing you have ever done?
I had dreadlocks in my hair for about four years and I felt very different and unique. I never thought I would be able to pull it off at the beginning.

9) What is the most important thing in your life?
God; My Faith.

10) What is your biggest accomplishment? Or name something that you are proud of?
I am proud of my family and I thank God for his goodness. I have the most wonderful and loving husband and three beautiful Kids.

11) What inspires you in life?
My Faith

Eleven blogs that I nominate to receive this award:

                                                         1. of the comely

                                                         2. Esteri

                                                         3. Editor & Chic

                                                         4. Blazy~Fashion

                                                         5.corner curl girl

                                                         6. Bex

                                                         7. aloted

                                                         8. Da fashion freak

                                                         9. finally me

                                                         10. yoyos fashions

                                                         11. lohis creations

I tagged the amazing bloggers above because I have visited their blogs and know that they have inspiring style or story to share with their readers which includes me.

My Eleven Questions for these amazing bloggers are:

     1. What is the meaning of your first name?
     2. What inspired you to start blogging?
     3.  What is your favorite childhood memory?
     4. What is your favorite fashion accessory?
     5. What is one fashion item you ever splurged on?
     6. With a limited budget; bag, shoe or jewelry? (Which one will you purchase?)
     7. What is the first thing you want people to know about you?
     8. What is your favorite color?
     9. Do you believe this earth would come to an end some day?
    10. Do you believe in God?
    11. What is your favorite Store to shop or who is your favorite designer?

Waoh!! I finally got done!...:) I felt like I was writing a school essay at some point. Thanks so much for reading about me. And do not forget that you can always ask questions in your comments and I will do my best to answer them. Enjoy your weekend. **Kisses**


  1. Beautiful look!!! Kiss From AndalucĂ­a

  2. Hi Beauty. That yellow is such a nice pop of color with that black. And those shoes. Verrrry nice. Thanks again for the nomination. Take care :)

  3. Thanks doll! I appreciate the love, so sorry it took me so long to see this! :D

  4. I love those shoes, by the way... Yellow is one of my favorite colors!


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