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Hi Everyone...It is a new Month; October First! We have reached the last quarter of the year; Unbelievable! I give Glory to God for his faithfulness towards me. He is an awesome God. I am particularly very excited for the Month of October because it is my birth month...yes! I get one year older this month. **How Exciting!** October is a month of Festivities; October Fest...Yea!! It is also the Independence day celebration of my home country Nigeria today. 52 years of Independence. **Hurray.**

I have achieved a lot by the grace of God and I will highlight some of my testimonies in this post which is also a post about My LIEBSTER AWARD NOMINATION. Thanks to Aux Caprice de Flore. She is such an awesome lady with a great style and lots of testimonies too and I just bless God for her life. I have decided to do this post in two parts because I was not able to complete my questions for the tagged bloggers which I am still working on. This is a very long post here so please don't get bored...:) **yawning**

I do not have much to say about this outfit other than it embodies the whole story of how this blog and style makeover came about. I used to wear a lot of dark and grey colored clothes at a time (which I represented by the black and white polka dots blouse) and had to do a total makeover by incorporating some color into my closet (represented by the lime color skirt) I put the idea of the old and the new together and styled this outfit. The top and skirt are from Tj Maxx. My shoes are Colin Stuart from Victoriassecret online and my clutch is thrifted.

Now to eleven things about me...:)

1. My name is Beauty Ojo and I migrated to the United States with my family about fifteen years ago from Nigeria in West Africa. I have two other siblings; my older sister named Blessing and my younger brother, I'll just call Mr. K...:)

2. I am in my thirties and married to a great husband who is gorgeous and loves God with all his heart. We both have three adorable kids.

3. I have a Law degree from Africa but came back to the United States and decided to do an Education-do-over! **smiling at my new word..** I went back to school and got an Associate degree in Science and majored in Paralegal studies. So, I am a certified legal Assistant However, I still go to school and presently, I am rounding off my Bachelors in English Literature and also preparing to take the LSAT exam for Law School. **I am super busy!**..lollssszz

4. I am a Christian and very passionate about God. I have been able to achieve most things in life by God's grace and I can not just stop talking about him. This blog has also been an avenue for me to share my faith with people and I say a big thank you to all who have passed through and acknowledged that they did by leaving comments on my post. I will continue to share my faith and I welcome any questions or comments about my faith and a little bit about the fashion..:)

5. Growing up, I loved Arts and I used to draw and paint non-stop. I also loved reading and read a lot of detective type novels which includes; Nancy Drew, The adventures of Tin Tin, Famous Five Series, Secret Seven, James Hadley Chase among others which probably led to my love for the Law Profession...:)

6. Another passion/hobby(ies) of mine is Fashion and writing/drawing. When I was younger about eight or ten years old, I started to use scissors, needle and thread to put my own designs together from scraps of old clothes I found in the house. My Mum who is a nurse owned a sewing machine which she never really used and forbade us to touch. I will say that laws were broken then...:) All through elementary school to junior high, I went back and forth from making designs with clothes to making designs on paper with color pencils. I did a lot of comic books and wrote a lot of great stories...I had so much fun! Not too long ago, I tried my hands at drawing again and found out that I still got it!!**hehehehe...lollssszzz

7. I do not watch a lot of TV but would watch the news occasionally or watch Reality shows like "Say Yes to the Dress" or "Four Weddings" all on TLC. I also love HGTV (Home and Garden Television)

8. If I was not in the Law profession, I would be a wedding planner! I love weddings; everything about it is just beautiful; the dresses, decor, food, the vows...

9. I do not have a favorite food and would try most foods so long as it is appetizing, edible and healthy.

10. I love to blog about Fashion but I am no Stylist or expert in Fashion. I just blog for fun and like to share my personal experience in life. I love shopping too.

11. I love God! Did I say this before?...:) Okay...I love shoes!!! It is one Fashion accessory I must have. I love them in different colors and I would say I have lots of shoes in every color of the rainbow...:) My choice of shoes do not have to be super expensive but they have to be very comfortable and of course, the higher it is, the better it feels **grinning**

There goes Eleven things about me. I thought I will never be able to go through it. 
Now, I am going to do my best to answer the next eleven questions below asked by Aux Caprices de Flore in my next post and hopefully, I will be able to complete this LIEBSTER Post then.
Green or not? (Save the planet!)
2) What genre of music do you like?
3) What is your favorite meal?

4) Have you ever travel in a foreign country? If yes, where?
5) Where do you live?
6) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
7) Tell one dream or something you will like to realize in 6 months.
8) What is the extreme/eccentric thing you have ever done?
9) What is the most important thing in your life?
10) What is your biggest accomplishment? Or name something that you are proud.
11) What inspire you in life?

Thanks for reading my blog. All the best in the new week. **Cheers!**



  1. Great look, i like the skirt and congratulations on the award!
    Here come a new follower!

  2. Those shoes look great on you. Are they really comfortable?

    1. Yes, they are. Colin Stuart designs comfortable and yet affordable shoes. Nevertheless, I won't wear heels for four to five hours at a stretch!...:)

  3. this look is nceee

    Love ur blog <3 would you like to follow each other?

    Check out my blog :)

  4. Any and everything could inspire me. And yes I blog for fun too! It's something I have enjoyed doing for awhile!


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