Wednesday, August 15, 2012


This post is about the newest addition to my shoe collection. "Two cute pairs of leopard prints shoes!" Animal prints has been everywhere in fashion lately; clothes, bags and shoes and I just wonder if it is ever going to end. I have so much animal prints in my closet already and I think I'll make this my last purchase.

Ain't they cute?...:) A double dose of "Animalistic elegance!"...) whatever that means...**Smiling**

I talked about getting these beauties in a previous post here and now that they have arrived, I have to think of how I am going to style these beauties with an outfit. It should be pretty easy, right?

Although both shoes are in animal prints, I like the fact that they are still very different; Heels and wedges..**duh..smiling** I also like the mix of different color with the print; the black and neutral shades.

The most amazing thing happened when I got my shoes out of the package and lay them out on the floor. Immediately, something clinched in my mind. I remembered that I had a dress in a similar print. I rushed into my closet and when I was done, tearing the place up, I found my old leopard print dress. The good old dress I had not worn in a long time. It was beautiful to see how well the dress matched with the shoes. Now I have a triple dose of this particular prints..aaarrrgh!!! **in a good way**

Do you see the great similarity too?

Okay, it's a little off but still okay...:)

I am wishing you all a wonderful week (the rest of the week) and a wonderful weekend ahead. Remember, like I say all the time to always "Count your blessings." And remember too that prayers solve every problem. Whatever difficult situation you find yourself in, just take a minute to say a prayer to God. He definitely listens.



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