Friday, August 10, 2012

Green on Green on Green...

I hope you all are doing great today and always..I had a wonderful time last weekend. It was my friend's wedding and it was party time all through the weekend. I will be posting pictures from the wedding later on. This outfit is what I wore to church on Sunday after the wedding and after the wonderful service, we went to the barbecue that was organized by family and friends for the couple. I took these pictures when I got home later in the evening.

This my green on green ensemble really put a smile on my face the whole day. I never thought I would ever put so much color into one outfit but decided to take a risk..

I am wearing a green pleated sleeveless blouse with elaborate ruffles at the neckline that I purchased from Burlington Coat factory and a light green A-line Ann Taylor skirt from Loft

My silver over sized clutch from

Ring and bracelets are from  Burlington Coat factory

I have on my teal green Jessica Simpson heels which are one of the few pointed toe shoes I own. I really really do not feel comfortable in pointed toe heels. I think my toes are a little big and they are more comfortable in round-toe pumps.

The heels from my shoes really got messed up from walking on the grass in the park where the barbecue was held. I forgot to take some flat heeled shoes with me to change into at the park and ended up running around in my heels for the whole day. Yeah, my toes were really sore afterwards...**ouch!!** Two things I learned that day.

1. Always have an extra pair of comfortable shoes in the car for emergencies as I do with diapers, baby wipes, hand lotion and other little knickknacks. Or like I have done previously, wrap the heels of the shoe with a clear tape which I did not have that day. Some shoe stores also sell some clear heel protectors you can slip over the heel of shoes to protect them when you walk on grass. I'll remember to get some when next I go to get some new shoes...:)

2. Always check your camera lens before you take pictures especially if you go to a barbecue or cookout where there are lots of finger foods. My camera lens was all soiled with grease from the chicken and snacks  I ate and affected the clarity of most of the pictures I took that day. I realized at the last minute what happened and will take caution next time.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and do not forget or neglect to spend some time with God, family and friends this weekend. **Cheers.**


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