Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mauve and Graphic...

 Hi beautiful readers, the weekend is over and it is back to reality; reality of school, work...unless you are one of those that vacation the year through which is not a bad thing...:) I am wearing a mauve top and some graphic African pants for this styling today...As some of my readers would have known by now from reading previous postings, I love purple in all its different shades and this mauve color is one of my favorite shade of purple too.

This pants were made from an African print which were made in a tie and dye (Kampala) design. It has its top which was made from the same fabric but I decided to pair it with this mauve top.

My handbag is from Aldo

Top is from Next

My shoes are Colin Stuart...The sun rays were so glaring and they hurt my eyes..

Then I broke out the sunglasses..

The pants has some slits at the sides...

You see, this is just a simple comfortable outfit that is just suitable for the hot weather.

I hope you all were able to make it to church today. A few hours of our time every Sunday is all it
takes to give God praise and worship for all the wonderful things he did for us during the week. The fact that you are healthy and strong and reading this blog right now is proof of God's goodness. Some people are lying on their sick beds at the hospital wishing they could get well...

And if you are sick and reading this blog at this time too, just know that there is nothing too great for God to handle. With him all things are possible. You only have to have faith and believe that you will be healed and it will surely happen. I will be praying for every reader who stumbles on my blog and takes time to read...

And like, I always say, this is a fashion blog I started because I love fashion but I love God the most and I am very passionate about my faith. Send any question my way and I'll do my best to answer them by e-mail...**Kisses**



  1. this is a lovely outfit Beauty! thanks so much for stopping by my blog, you're so sweet :)

    C’s Evolution of Style

  2. Hello Beauty,

    I nominated you for the LIEBSTER AWARD

    you can see it here:

    1. Thanks for the award Neilly. I'll get to it very soon..:)

  3. That print is lovely! You look great Missy.


  4. Thanks so much for your lovely comments ladies...:)


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