Friday, August 24, 2012

Grey and Turquoise..

Hi beautiful readers, this is what I wore to school today. The weather was bright and sunny but I felt like wearing this grey dress and the reason I made this decision is because I have not worn the dress in a while. Do you sometimes dig in your closets to fish out outfits you have not worn in a long time? Like I said before on my blog, I really love dresses and skirts for Summer and now that the Summer weather is gradually coming to an end, I have to do a "Closet-Do" (Do-over or Make-over) We usually have very cold and snowy winter here in Minnesota so, jeans and pants are a must in the winter time.

I am wearing this grey plaid Merona dress from Target and I really like it because of its color and style. It is in between dressy and casual.

I decided to mix in turquoise color accessories to add some pop of color to the grey dress

A wide smile is the best accessory ever for any look..I bought this turquoise bag over three years ago for just $40! It is in such a great color and design and actually looks more expensive than it is. I have gotten so much compliments from it.

I got the necklace, earings and ring from a store in the neighborhood called "Treasures" (I think?) And my DIY bracelet I converted from a necklace I purchased from Target stores is very old too. I like the pop of color it gives to any outfit and I have used it on casual and formal attires alike...:)

My "Nine West" heels are pretty old too and I call them my "Mary-Poppins" shoes. They remind me so much of that movie.

Well, that's my outfit..inexpensive, simple, casual and colorful I think?

I wish you all a nice weekend. It will be nice to get some thoughts on how you spend your weekends. I spend mine with family most of the time because we are all so busy during the week and hardly have time to connect.

See you soon. Enjoy your weekend...


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