Monday, March 27, 2023

Denim + Big bag Trend + pop of red

       There are days I just want to put on oversized comfy clothes and call it a day especially on days when the weather is very cold. Oversized comfy clothes sometimes give me the illusion of being swaddled in a large blanket. The sweater I am wearing here in this post, is actually a cowl neck sweater; I just turned the cowl neck in. The look reminds me of this Free People tunic sweater.

Sweater   Bag   Boot

So, the big bag trend is back and so is the denim over dose trend and so is the pop of red color trend...I mean, there is so much going on now when it comes to fashion that indeed, we can truly say that; fashion is cyclical. Instead of blue denim, I decided to wear a grey color denim because denim is trending big time this season irrespective of what shade or color you get. The red color bag is a nod to the big trend and a pop of the color red. So, there is like three trends in this outfit.

Do we always have to follow fashion trends every season? No, we don't! When we do, it's all in the name of fun. It makes dressing up more fun because you know us ladies love to dress up. So long as you do all things in moderation and with joy and do no harm in the process, it's all good. Watch out for my upcoming trend video on my YouTube Channel Here.  Thank you so much for reading.

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