Friday, March 15, 2019

Green Satin blouse + Plaid Skirt styling

The satin trend has been on for a while now mostly in the form of the slip satin dress and the slip skirt; while I like the satin fabric for some items like bedding and lingerie, I never really liked it as fashion piece to be worn outside the home. Also, I felt the satin slip style was just not modest enough irrespective of how it is styled; forgive me while I express my opinion...haha! 😏 You can bet I had second thoughts when I saw this green satin blazer online which again has an opening at the back but nothing a camisole cannot fix. Why can't we just have a modest satin piece for those who are really interested in the trend? To be honest, I don't mind a satin slip dress as an evening wear with good under garments because you know the fabric is very delicate and clingy and I would style it with a blazer or faux fur stole. Some satin wedding dresses are designed like slips too. So, for the sake of this post, I'm talking about the satin trend in reference to every day fashion. Anyway, rather than buy this piece here, I would take a look at the green blazer instead.

To style the green blazer, I paired it with a plaid skirt and a structured bag and classic black pumps. The classic items paired with the blazer; skirt, bag, pumps and pearl earrings elevate the silk blazer from casual to formal thereby making the look appropriate to wear to places like church and work. For budget friendly silk blazers, check out this piece here and here. Yours sincerely here, loves fashion and I love to try different trends but I also understand that not every trend works for every one based on individual style and budget.This blog is actually for moms, sisters or girl-friends who love trying out fashion trends too but love modest and affordable fashion more. While here, I'm sure you can find a tip or two that would help you stay stylish and feel confident about your style. Thanks so much for stopping by here.


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  1. Me interesa bastante, creo que podria leerlo a cualquier momento pues no lo conocia.


  2. Is it weird that I just don't wear a lot of skirts? I really do like this green satin blouse. I think I would rock it, but maybe in a different color.

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