Thursday, January 10, 2019

Sequin Dress + Tulle Skirt

It's thankful Thursday or Throwback Thursday and I am sharing my outfit that I wore to Church last Sunday. This is the third outfit I planned for New Year and it's plain and simple just like my other outfits; a long sleeve sequin dress worn as top and a tulle circle skirt, a recent purchase. I was excited about the tulle skirt though because it's my first real tulle skirt outfit. The closest piece I had to a tulle skirt before now is this dress here and another here. I decided to go ahead and order a real tulle skirt and I got this off of Amazon here. The sequin dress was gifted to me by hubs for my birthday years ago and I have worn it every holiday season since. The sequin dress is from Express and I previously styled it here and here.  I have also layered it with skirts like I did in this post here and here.

" I love to restyle my clothes over and over and what inspires me most to do this; is the fact that I take good care of every piece of clothing and accessory that I own. I donate the ones that no longer fit of course and I take care of myself by staying in shape so I can fit into my most loved items!" 😂

This might sound vain to some people but it is the right thing to do. We all have to develop the habit and culture of taking care of things that belong to us like our home and clothes and also people that are in our lives like our family and friends. We have to do edits around us at all times; donate or give away things you no longer need and only buy things that you absolutely need and not everything that you think you want. This is one of my goals for the new year too. I want to do more editing and detoxification and only allow things that are of value and positive and clean and healthy to be around me at all times. Some people have even taken this concept as far as practicing what they call "Minimalism" by downsizing into tiny homes and living life with only bare essentials. I think the main message is to stop accumulating stuff and just go out and explore and enjoy the environment and world that God has blessed us with. I don't think this concept of minimalism is for everyone though especially if you have a family and kids. You have to keep a sizeable home to function as a family and you also need a community. What are your thoughts on this? Thank you so much for stopping by.

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                                      Dress                      Skirt                       Skirt  


                                          Dress                             Skirt                   Boots


                Dress                        Dress                   Boots

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  1. Oh this is so fun! And love it with the high boots. I have been wanting a tulle skirt ever since I saw Carrie wearing one in Paris!

    Allie of


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