Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Moving Forward...

Hi Friends,  It's quite an interesting day today in the United States. The result of the election for the 45th president was quite a shocker. My opinion is that it is time for everyone to move forward and work together as a united Nation irrespective of our differences. I decided to share some pictures of my recent birthday celebration on the blog today to keep my mind off current events.

My very good girl friends planned for us all to get together for a ladies night to celebrate my birthday and it was beautiful. I wore my one shoulder glitter dress that I have had in the closet for years and I blogged about it a couple of years  ago here. I regard it as my special birthday dress because I got it from T. J maxx years ago for my second daughter's first year birthday. I reserved it for only special celebrations since then. I paired it with an almost choker necklace and burgundy strap heels. The dress is certainly a nod to the off shoulder and cold shoulder trend. 'funny how fashion trends keep recycling.





Moving forward, I give God Thanks for my life, my family, my wonderful friends and for this blog and for everyone who stops by here.
Thanks so much for stopping by here


  1. I'm still stunned by the results of this election but we will all have to find a way to move forward. Looks like you had a fabulous celebration and you looked amazing! Happy belated birthday!

  2. Keep that dress. .it looks Fabulous!

  3. Great womens fashion dresses. It was an superb one and fabulous. Looking so pretty. I think this one will be favorite to everyone.

  4. Just when I thought I was going to miss that post! I cannot believe you got that dress from T. J MAXX. I love it. You looked so beautiful that night! I am glad you had a great time.


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