Monday, September 5, 2016

Back to School and Work Outfit Ideas

It's back to school again and back to work for all educators/teachers. It's always a cool idea to show up on the first day of school or work looking comfortable, clean, and put together. Once you get the fashion out of the way, you'll be ready to conquer the task/work that is ahead of you. If you need a little bit of inspiration to start off on the first day, below are some outfit ideas/inspiration.

                                                       School Style

Do you want to go to school looking a little bit dressed up and yet casual on the first day? Then you'll need a good blazer which can be denim, khaki or velvet. Just throw in a tee, slim fit denim and a great pair of comfy shoes and you are good to go. You can dress down by wearing a pair of sneakers or converse or dress up by wearing a cute pair of flats or comfortable heels.

A sure way to achieve a casual look is to wear denim (a no brainer) along with a pair of flats, sandals or sneakers. The denim on denim look is totally not out of style but you can wear
 the latest twist on it by wearing a denim dress and a pair of sneakers.

                                                                 Work Style
The best way to show up for work in an office setting or corporate office is to make a statement with your outfit. The kind of statement you make depends on the dress code present at your place of work. If it is flexible, you can show up in a dramatic skirt as this MSMG wrap wool blend skirt pictured below. You can also make a statement by wearing a pair of pants or skirt in a solid color or hue that is totally unexpected but chic and trendy or maybe a pair of statement shoes (you know there are lots to choose from, shoe lovers...:-). Another option is to wear a statement piece of jewelry like a necklace, earring or a brooch/pin; just have fun.
Do you work in a casual setting? Below is an outfit inspiration for showing up chic and trendy. Put on a pair of denim with a great fit in a dark hue and throw in a statement piece in the form of a handbag or clutch. A nice pair of flats or comfortable heels should complete the look.


You would agree with me that is important to dress for success all the time irrespective of whether you work in a casual or formal environment. What are your thoughts on making an extra fashion statement when you go back to school or the office after some time off?
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  1. These are all really cute. I love the first one for the work outfit. So gorgeous!

    xo Azu

  2. I like these collages, Beauty. Definitely all great outfits:) I love that denim shirt dress with the Adidas sneakers the most.

    1. It is really your style; I can tell..:-) Thanks a lot.

  3. These are great outfit ideas. I love to look very well put together on the first day of school because first impression matters and the parents remember that all year. Have a fantastic week darling.

  4. You put together some fabulous inspiration Beauty! All these tips are great. I actually wear my denim shirt dress with Adidas sneakers all the time. I love the wrap skirt look too! So beautiful <3

    Enjoy a great new week Beauty!

    xx Tamara ChloƩ

  5. Great jib hard to pick one all I will definitely wear. Have a blessing week.

  6. These are great choices, I love the skirt!! I would wear that...wish you a wonderful day doll x

  7. Nice selection. Comfort is everything!

  8. Great post dear! I really love your blog:)


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