Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring Wardrobe Essentials (Outerwear)

Spring is here and it's time for some closet cleaning and wardrobe chore. If you live in a region where you have the four seasons then, you'll have a lot of winter items to put away. A couple of years ago, all a lady needed for the spring season were some lighter jackets, scarves, cardigans and blazers but these days, the options are quite diverse and if you want to look nice and well put together the entire season, you'll want to get some of these wardrobe essentials listed below


Vests are very versatile and easy to wear as they can be thrown over any outfit for layering. They are not used necessarily as outer wear to keep the cold away rather, they just add interest to a layered look. Vests can be sleeveless denim jackets, sleeveless trench coats or sleeveless down jackets.


A Cardigan or heavy sweater is a very traditional layering piece in the spring season and it could be sleeveless or short sleeve and can retain the body heat effectively. It might not be a popular or trending layering piece but if purchased in a great quality and knit, it can add some interest to a spring wardrobe.


Blazers can be worn all year long but they are also great options for spring when we eventually put the heavier winter jackets away. When building a spring wardrobe, blazers are a "Must." Also, It is great that they  come in different textures and prints like florals, stripes and t


Kimonos are trending this season and the varieties and designs available to the modern lady are endless. A kimono can be thrown over a sweater dress, a pair of denim or even a skirt. It is lightweight most of the time and though it does not help to keep the body warm, it does make layering an outfit very fun. Another great bonus is that it can be tucked into a purse or a small bag until it is needed.

                               Trench coat

Trench coats have always been great as layering pieces and they are so chic and edgy. A trench coat can be sleeveless or with sleeves and though the tan color trench coat is very popular for ladies, any great color and quality trench coat is a win! win!!

                             Denim Jacket

The Denim Jacket is a classic clothing item that has to be in every lady's wardrobe irrespective of the season or time of the year. It is very great for layering over any outfit and it can turn a plain boring casual outfit to chic and edgy in a second. However, the denim jacket is a very casual piece compared to the blazer and trench coat and it should be dressed up or down as such.

Do you have every piece of item in the above categories and which is your favorite or absolute "must have?

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  1. I am not a big fan of kimonos, but I love a good cardigan. Great post, Beauty.

  2. Great spring essential love them all
    have a great day

  3. Kimonos and blazers go with everything, but I cannot go without my jeans jacket. Great wardrobe ideas.Thanks!


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