Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring Cleaning; Closet Inspiration

It's time for some spring cleaning guys; time to do some closet reorganization. For those that live in the four seasons's region like I do, this is a tedious but exciting exercise we have to do at the end of winter or beginning of spring. In the early fall, we get our closets organized and get all the winter essentials out for use in the cold winter months and when spring is in full swing, we have to reorganize the closet again by putting away all the heavy jackets and boots. This can be a lot of work and a lot easier to do when you have ample closet space or room to store your things.

My closet is tiny and saturated at this time and I just needed some inspiration to get me started on organizing my little space. So, I did some browsing on my favorite home and garden website and pulled up some pictures of well organized closet spaces. Hopefully, when I am done with this post, I'll get my lazy self into my space to do some work...:-). Closets do not have to be walk-ins to look beautiful and organized. All that is needed is some creativity. Check out a previous post  here to get some additional tips on organizing your closet. I am off to take care of mine...                                                                                  

Photo Credits: HGTV

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                                                                                       Beauty Ojo


  1. What fabulous inspiration! A walk in closet is a big dream of mine but I have to trade off space for living in NYC.

  2. That's a good trade-off in order to live in a big and bustling city like NYC; have a great week.

  3. So hard to pick one. I did some spring cleaning last week, and I'm ready to change my wardrobe!

  4. Beautiful post dear!
    i follow u via gfc

  5. Dear Beauty, thank you for the wonderful inspirations. Fortunately I organised already my closet for spring - I have nearly the same challenge due to the varitey of seasons we have in Bavaria. Altough it is always many work I'm in the end so happy when I have finished my task. Hopefully you have also already spring and you had a good week so far <3
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena
    International Giveaway: Zatchels Bag as Thank-You for the Supporter of my Hobby

    1. You have a good week too Rena; I'll stop by to check out your Giveaway.

  6. I missed reading your blog! Hope u and family doing great. Girl! I sure do need to do some spring Summer not too far away! Hopefully should do some fun blog post this summer!

    1. So good to see you here Destiny! You were MIA for a while. Welcome back to Blogsville.


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