Saturday, March 14, 2015

Black + Metallic

We have started enjoying the great weather and I'm actually working on this post during a family BBQ; yeah, you heard me...:-). I was laying in bed all morning just taking naps, eating and browsing while I let hubby handle things. Mums are entitled to a lazy day sometimes okay?...:-) 'especially if it is a lazy saturday. I was prepared to lay here till bed time until everyone came and pulled and tickled me out of bed. So, iPad in hand, I grudgingly followed and went to the deck to see a feast spread out before me. I was not going to pretend I did not hear all the fuss and running around that was going on during the food prep downstairs. Now, I'm enjoying my ribs and chicken. Yum! Yum!! I love my family for giving me great moments as this.

This outfit was worn to a musical recital I attended a while back that I mentioned in this blog post here. My son takes music lessons and he's learning to play the piano so the school organized a concert   for the graduating students and it was a very fun event. The kids were all dressed up; boys in their suits and ties and girls in their pretty dresses but I was quite surprised that a good number of the people that attended the event were in casuals; denim and sweats. I know it is a free world and people are free to wear whatever they want to events but....not really. It was a concert and a formal event and the least any attendee could do to support the kids was to come in formal attire; at least a jacket over the jeans would have been great.

Anyway, my family and my friends were all dressed up  and I decided to wear this black pant suit. Again, they are separates. The jacket is from Ann Taylor Loft and the pants are from Target. I do not know what I have against buying a complete suit but I think because I already own a lot of jackets, I just get a matching pant and a suit is created; thrifty me...:-). The metallic clutch was thrifted a couple of months ago and I blogged about it here. I'm so glad that I'm incorporating my thrifted accessories into my outfits.

                                                                        Jacket: Ann Taylor Loft
                                                                        Pants: Target
                                                                        Pumps: VS Shoes
                                                                        Necklace: Walmart
                                                                        Purse: thrifted

This outfit was supposed to be just black and metallics but then I couldn't find any metallic or silver earrings to wear. For some reason, I have lost almost all my earrings since my love for statement necklaces started. I was never into jewelry growing up and I remember my mum used to complain about me losing earrings days after I got them. The situation has not changed since and it seems my girls have picked up on it. They have started to lose their earrings too periodically but I do not complain...:-)

I ended up wearing my gold earrings with the outfit and I was not disturbed. They used to say that you could not mix gold and silver accessories together but these days, no rules apply. You can mix whatever you like in your accessories. I actually posted some pictures of this outfit on my instagram a while back and you can check it out here.

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend. I send love and blessings your way.
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Romans 15:13New International Version (NIV)

13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.


  1. Beautiful look:) kiss

  2. Hahaha, i lost every single earring i had and still battling that up till today. Meanwhile the statement necklace and bag is a beautiful addition to your outfit. Very nice look.

  3. You did good Beauty, sometimes is nice to enjoy some time on,y for urself. You were very stilish and polished, I like the clutch and the pumps. Happy Sunday! xo

  4. You look lovely, your purse is beautiful :)

  5. Thanks a lot; I'll stop by soon.

  6. very nice post babe!

  7. You must be very proud of your son. My girl is into music too. She will be taking ballet lessons this summer. You look beautiful in black. I love the purse.

  8. This is a boss look.. i like

  9. You look beautiful in this suit i love these type of pieces since they are timeless.


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