Saturday, January 31, 2015

Style Muse

                                                   Victoria Beckham

Here is to some weekend inspiration; I'm showcasing my one and only style icon on the planet! If you are familiar with my blog, you would have known by now that I rarely do posts on street styles or other TV/social media personalities. The reason for this is that I consider personality and lifestyle choice when looking out for style icons. I want my style icon to be a role model and a level headed human being...:-)

Well, here she is! Victoria Beckham; the beautiful, stylish, never smiling wife and mother of four..:-). This skinny lady sure knows what works for her. Her minimalistic style works all the time and she does know how to strike a pose or carry herself with confidence each time she struts into public. It does not matter whether the outfit gets a D- like that blue puffy peplum dress she wore with black booties, she always own her looks. I love her!!!!

Photo Credits: Google

Happy Weekend everyone and thanks so much for stopping by

Beauty Ojo


  1. She wears anything and makes it look good!

  2. I love the blue skirt she wore in the first picture!

  3. Beautiful <3

    Have a great Sunday Beauty ,kisses :)

  4. Yes!! I love Victoria Beckham, she's a successful businesswoman, mother, wife and she has great style too. I love most of her outfits, she's always looking classy. xx

  5. She makes everything look good, even that blue dress! I can see why you like her.

  6. Yes I am #teamposh all day every day. That's why I was so psyched when she came out with a beauty line. She has a book- That extra half an inch that I've been meaning to get for the longest. Have you read it?

  7. I never knew she wrote a book. Thanks so much for the heads up. I would definitely get a copy when I find one. She inspires me so much with her style.


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