Friday, August 1, 2014

My Lace Dress..

blurry pic…excuse me…:-)

Hi Everyone, so it seems like it's been a while. I took some time off the blog to party!!!…:-). I have been having a great summer so far and I have been having super busy weekends. Last Saturday, one of my friends organized a Mickey-mouse themed birthday party for her one year old son and I was super excited when she involved me in the party planning activities. We spent time putting together fun projects and everything came out well on the day of the party. I didn't take a lot of pics but would put up the few ones I have later. Then my other friend organized a 70th birthday celebration for her mum. Her colors for the party were green, purple and gold. She also did a sort of uniform dressing where guests have the option of using the celebration fabric to make whatever kind of outfit they want. This uniform dressing is referred to as "Asoebi" in Africa. Her choice of fabric was green lace.

Well, my lace dress in this post was not made with my friend's green lace fabric. Mine was made from an old lace fabric which I've had in the house for ages. So, let's just say it's vintage…:-). Excuse my blurry pics; my son took the pics with his iPad and somehow I just couldn't edit them better than this. I might not love these pictures but I love my lace dress and I'm glad I have a full lace dress now. I have always wanted one since I saw these beautiful ones made by Ghanian designer here. Now, I only wish I could sew or knit or do any creative thing like that so, I can roll out those beautiful sketches….okay, okay, I have said this a lot of times already…:-). Now, I just have to go and lose the extra pounds I packed on from partying. See you soon. **Kisses**


                                                                               Dress: custom made
                                                                                                         Shoes: Mojo Moxy
                                                                                                         Bracelet: Gifted

                                        Wishing everyone the best in this beautiful new month of August.                                                            

                                                                  Thanks so much for stopping by

                                                                                  Beauty Ojo


  1. Green suits you, I like the dress you picked, the retro vibe is so classy! Seems you are having angreat summer, keep to enjoy it and happy August! xo

  2. Wowie Beauty! That dress is sooooo stunning and just looks gorgeous on you. The color really suits you like Lilli just mentioned.
    I am happy you are enjoying your summer!
    Your son did a pretty good job with his Ipad lol

    Kisses and enjoy a wonderful weekend love.

    xxx Tamara Chloé,

  3. PS I just checked out the Ghanian designers dresses and they are sooo pretty, love them! Yours look just like his style:)

    1. Thanks Tamara; hope you are having a great summer too.

  4. That is such a lovely dress, Beauty. I love how your friends did theme parties. They're always the best:D
    Have a great weekend.

  5. What a pretty dress and I love the shoes you paired with it... super cute.

  6. Ahh so much going on, so many parties. I miss Nigeria a lot, especially this part that makes us happy, almost every weekend. Love the lace dress. You are one stunning and fashionable mom


  7. I love how you kept it so simple. I am glad you had a chance to party, Beauty!

  8. So happy you are enjoying your summmer. The detailing on that dress is gorgeous.


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