Friday, April 18, 2014

April Snowman, Happy Good-Friday

Hi Friends, remember in my last post I said we were having a snow storm in the twin cities? There was a heavy snow fall; about six to eight inches in the northern part of Minnesota Wednesday night through Thursday morning. Hubby and I were off work today and we decided to have some fun in the snow with the kids. The weather was over fifty degrees and it felt so good being out; not too cold to do some outdoor activities. The kids even brought out their bikes and we had some fun. I was putting on a winter coat because I was busy doing house chores in an old long sleeve shirt and khaki pants when my son came excitedly to me to announce they were building a snowman outside. I quickly grabbed the first jacket I saw from the coat closet and slipped into a pair of hubby's old shoes that were lying in the garage which I wear sometimes when I'm working in the yard. My hubby and son made the snowman while the girls and I gave the snowman a fabulous make-over. Enjoy the pics below…:-)

                     This is how our snowman started; very, very bald with no sense of style…..:-)

 We started first by putting on a some sunnies on our snow man which the kids named Olaf. We couldn't decide if it was a male or female snowman though.

Then, we decided to switch out the hat and we put the new floppy grey hat that I purchased recently on Olaf.

Have you ever wondered about those pink stains on my driveway which has appeared in the background of some of my blog pictures? Well, it is spray paint…:-). I was doing some DIY on my daughter's bike seen below last summer and I got the driveway messed up. I just wanted to spruce up her bike with a fresh coat of paint but forgot to lay the bike on a plastic wrap and just sprayed on it as it lay directly on the driveway. I learnt my lesson after that and have always covered everything that needs to be covered before spraying or painting.

I took my floppy hat back from Olaf then tried to do a selfie. The sun kept getting in my eyes; I should have snatched those sun glasses too…:-)

So, that's how I roll guys when I am at home doing chores. I'm not glammed up wearing heavy lipstick or six inch heels but just laid back. Since I didn't intend to do any blogging today but just cook and clean, I'll have to say "thank-you" to my kids and hubby for joining me in creating and posting this pictures on the blog. As for little baby Zion (who is about fourteen weeks old now), he was fast asleep upstairs.

Thanks so much for stopping by guys. I hope you've been having fun on this special Good Friday. It's time to celebrate the death and resurrection of our lord, savior and Jesus Christ once again. We do not have a lot of activities planned but we plan on going to church tomorrow for a prayer breakfast and of course, service on sunday.
                                                               Happy Easter everyone.

                                                                      Beauty Ojo


  1. What a gorgeous family, and the best looking snowman!

  2. Oh. So lovely pictures and family!
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  3. It looks like you all enjoyed the snow:D The snowman looks rockin!
    Happy Easter to you and yours, Beauty. God bless.

  4. Cute pics!
    Love your floppy hat!


  5. Happy Easter to you and your family! What a cute snowman! I'm in New Orleans, and we're in shorts & flip flops. The weather is super crazy.

  6. lovely family.
    happy easter

  7. It's still so cold there! I'm glad that everyone still has a good attitude about the snow.

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  8. You guys are having too much fun. I love the snowman wearing the glasses.

  9. I can't believe you guys have a snowstorm in April!!! It's basically summer where I live. But I'm glad you and the fam had a great snow day!

  10. snow in April is so wrong! it should be a sin! Looks like y'all had fun though :)

  11. Awww these photos are so sweet, you have a wonderful family. cute snowman! Thanks for your support over at mine, hope you're having a great week so far!

  12. haha Looks great :D

    Enjoyed your snow pics with the family :D

    Stop by my blog whenever you have time for a chat :D

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