Friday, February 8, 2013


Yay!! The snow is starting to melt and the sun is up and the temperature is going to be in the high twenties to thirties this week and that means one thing; Spring is around the corner. However, I heard there is some storm in the horizon and residents in the North East are bracing up for some blizzard. I keep them in my prayers and I pray that the storm pass away calmly.

A warm weather means colors and more colors and I decided to break out in some colors for the outfit of the day. Every item in this outfit is super old and I recovered most of them lately as I cleaned out my closet. My glossy, crinkly, leather trench coat was purchased from Chadwicks a couple of years ago and it is more of a stylish coat than a warm one. My yellow knit top and denim are old buys so, I do not even remember what store I purchased them from and I do not want to make guesses. I do remember where my shoes were purchased though!...:) I never forget that!! My pointed toe print shoes were purchased from DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) like seven or eight years ago and I was excited to read that pointed, low heeled shoes are back on the scene..**smiley face** I know where every pair of shoe in my closet was purchased. Do you remember where you purchased your clothing items or shoes if you got them like three or four years ago?...:)

                                    I forgot to get my sun glasses and had to squint through all my shots.

                                     My gold ear-rings were thrifted and  were a great buy.

Trench Coat: Here (but sold out)
Knit top and Denim: Old
Bag: Old
Shoes: Here
Ear-rings: thrifted

Thanks so much for reading and please join me in praying for our friends in the North East who are in the way of the storm. We need the storm to roll away calmly and peacefully. Also, as a lot of people are expected to stay home today to weather the storm; I'll say enjoy your long weekend if you live in the affected areas and do not forget or neglect to include God in your plans every day. **Kisses**



  1. I am sigmas the snow is melting on your side! So sick of the cold winter right?
    Btw you look great in this trench! The colour suites your skin and hair so well! :)

  2. Thank you for leaving me the sweet comment and for dropping by my blog! :) I appreciate it :)

  3. beauitufl jacket!

  4. I agree with everyone. That trench looks nice on you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that some warmth comes your way.

  5. that coat is fabulous! Sometimes looking that good is worth kinda freezing!


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