Friday, February 1, 2013

Red is in Season...

Hi beauties, this is indeed the season of love!! It is February First and I am in red! Okay, not fully in red..:) I took these pictures last Sunday before going to church and as usual it was not the outfit that was planned for the day. I had wanted to wear a khaki pant suit that had been sitting in my closet for ages and it was all ironed out and everything but just when I got out of the bathroom, I looked out the window and it was snowing hard...

So, as usual, I quickly opted for option two. If you live in a place that has such unpredictable weather as I do, you'll make your closet your favorite place in the house and would try to know every item in it just in case of such weather emergencies. And that reminds me; I'll put up a post on my organized closet soon. Since I have not been able to take pictures outdoors because of the snowy cloudy weather we have these days, I have been working on organizing my closet. You can see the last post I did on it here.

My second choice was this long knit skirt I purchased from Victoriassecret a while back. It is in this cool camo color with rubber band waist and very durable fabric. I do not remember exactly how much I paid for it but I know it sold out pretty quickly. I paired the skirt with a white turtle neck top I have owned for a while, cinched my waist with a red belt, put on my grey riding boots and donned the whole look with my red Mudd jacket..oh, I also threw a fuchsia color scarf around my neck for warmth. A clash of colors but everything synchronized in a nice way...:) Red is the color of  the month of February and instead of going out all red, I prefer to throw in dashes of the color here and there. Did you check out the date outfit collages I did in my previous post?

                 I just love the snow; so beautiful and perfect. How wonderful is God's creation!

Had snow flakes flying across my face and as usual, all photos go on the blog no matter how bad...:)

White long sleeve tee: Victorias secret (Old)
 Scarf: Target
Long Knit Skirt: here. (Victoriassecret)
Red belt: thrifted
Jacket: Mudd

Here is a picture of the skirt on a model I saved from Victoriassecret's website. I'm glad I got to buy the skirt after swooning over it for a long time...:)

                Thanks for visiting my blog and do leave me a comment and I'll check your blog out and like I always say; "Do not forget or neglect to add God to your plans this weekend." Kisses!!!



  1. nice outfit hun!

  2. Wooo, check out the snowflakes!
    Hello Beautiful,
    I have been missing a lot of great post; being so busy.
    Thanks for reminding me that!
    Great job on our late posts.
    See you around

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Nice to have you back Neilly. I spelt your name wrongly the first time and had to write another comment...:)

  3. happy February! :) love the colour of your scarf!

    Metallic Paws

    1. Thanks Izzy; wishing you all the best in the new Month.

  4. Yeah pops of red def say spring is coming, but hard to imagine with all the snow! Cute pix! Love the scarf : )

    Ali of

  5. Gosh it looks cold there! Love the use of colours!
    Thanks for your kind words on my blog!
    Want to follow each other?

  6. You are brave! I refuse to take photos in the cold ;) I love the skirt!!

  7. how nys wish i ud experience da snow....too bad for us africans.....u look lovely gal...


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