Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Teal tweed

So, the snow storm is over and we finally get a break. It took a few days for most of the streets and highways to finally clear out of all that ice and slush from the storm and now every one can breathe a sigh of relief. It is nice that we are going to have a white Christmas though and talking of Christmas, I can't believe it is so so close...nice!

I got inspired by all these white beauty around me and decided to bring out all my white outfit; jackets, pants, tops...just name it!...:) In the past years before my color makeover, I would wear dark and grey color clothes through out the whole winter and just look as gloomy, boring and cold as the weather. However, now, I am vibrant, colorful and would remain so all through the year, the weather notwithstanding...."Yay!!"

So, I am wearing this teal tweed jacket I thrifted a couple of months ago and a teal fitted tee shirt from Talbots. By the way, you can never catch me in a loose tee unless I am in overalls painting my house or washing the floors. I just do not like loose tee shirts and I would never even wear it to the gym also. And talking about the gym, one of my things to do for the new year is to loose about ten pounds and I hope and pray I'm able to do that.

I am also wearing this white Calvin Klein slacks I got from Tj Maxx and with my teal color Jessica Simpson pointed toe pumps and my Kenneth Cole Reaction tote, I was ready to face the cold gloomy weather.

Oh, did I mention my turquoise ear-rings? They are my number one color accessories because I reach for them first whenever I need to add some pop of color to any outfit. Watch out! you are going to be seeing more of these ear-rings on this blog...hehehe..:) I decided to do without a necklace because I felt a lot was already going on with my teal tee and jacket, shoes and ear-rings.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.


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