Friday, December 21, 2012

Brown tones...

Hi beautiful people of blogsville..I hope you are all enjoying your holiday shopping and taking advantage of all those numerous discounts out there. A word of caution though! Do not be carried
away by all the good deals so you don't end up shopping yourself  into a  coma..:) I know we ladies love to shop but like I always say; fashion is great but there are other things more important than fashion. Or in this instance shopping is great but there are other things more important than shopping. It's nice to give and receive gifts at Christmas but let's not forget the reason for the season. It's always nice to take a deep breath  at this time to reflect on the wonderful gift of salvation that Christ brought to this world.

Anyway, school is over and I am on vacation from work and enjoying the quality time I am spending with my family. Hubby is on vacation too and this even makes everything better. Also, I am done with my shopping and have everything all wrapped up and I am just ready to partttty...:)

I just wanted to sign in to say a quick hello on my blog and if you are reading at this time, I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance.

In this post, I am wearing a brown trouser suit which I decided to take from a formal look to a very casual one by using leopard prints. I have worn this leopard print blouse and shoe combo in a previous  post too and if you have gone through most of my posts, you'll know by now that I love animals prints.

My prints blouse was purchased from Tj Maxx years ago and I wear it alone to relax at home some times. My leopard prints pumps are Colin Stuart via Victoriassecret. The clutch is also from Tj Maxx.

Brrr...rrrr...**Shivering**It was so cold but I just had to brave the chilly temperature just to take these pictures. Keeping up with blog postings is so much fun...:)

Thanks so much for reading and please, let's not forget to continue to pray for the families of the victims of the shooting at Newton, Connecticut.
God bless you all.

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