Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Hi All, wishing you you a happy thanksgiving and all the best of the season as you dine and shop with your loved ones. What better time to talk about shopping than now; the busiest shopping season of the year? I took these pictures a year ago on one of my shopping sprees with hubby and it really took my mind back when I stumbled upon them in one of my picture folders.
I remember the weather being very nice and mild and I decided to wear this light white cotton top by Nine West and some simple denim; very comfy outfit for shopping in an outdoor mall that had cool nice music blaring from the buried speakers as we moved from store to store. Some sun glasses and white strapy sandals completed the look. I also could not do without my all time favorite teal handbag which comes handy all the time whether I want to dress up or dress down.


So, to answer my own question; shopping where? I will say that I can shop anywhere and everywhere so long as there are good deals there and quality items. I do not believe that anyone has to shop from high end stores all the time even if you can afford it. There are quality items in affordable stores too and most of the time the high end stores just charge exorbitant prices just for marketing and packaging alone anyway. Usually, I go to to big and expensive stores when they have sales and discounts going on and at regular times, I just go to my dearly beloved affordable store. Most of the time I shop online too because I usually get promotional e-mails in my shopping e-mail account reserved specially for getting discount notifications. I already gave a list of my favorite stores in a previous post I did and I will like to say that since this is the best time of getting good discounts from stores, let's take advantage of it while exercising a little bit of restraint or caution. There is no need purchasing an item if you do not really need it. Save the dollar$$ for something else that will come handy in the future.

So that is it for now. Happy thanksgiving and God bless! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and reading.


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