Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Hi beautiful people, we are gradually approaching the end of the year and definitely the most beautiful time  of the year too with all the holidays, shopping and festivities. Thanksgiving is next week; "Yay!!" and as those of us in the US know, this is the official kick-off of the shopping season. I have not started my Christmas shopping yet but I decided that this is the best time to do a blog post on shopping. More so, since I have had these pictures saved on my computer a long time, I felt like this is the best time to upload them on my blog.

My first thought when I uploaded these pictures a year ago on my computer was that I'll never share them with people due to the serious wardrobe malfunction in the pictures but somehow I changed my mind and I am sharing them any way. **Do not ask me why**...:)

So here I am in this pic strolling through the aisle of a department store in heels. Do I always shop in heels or do ladies usually dress up in five inch heels to go shopping? And the answer is "Yes" and "No."

I was on my way to a friend's birthday party with hubby and remembered that I had not completed my shopping for the week and made a dash for the store. We were a little early for the party and had some time to spare so I rushed from aisle to aisle getting toiletries and all the knick knacks I needed not knowing that hubby who was supposed to be waiting for me in the car had followed me into the store and was taking pictures. You can guess I got quite a shock when I bumped into him in the aisle!

I was wearing this little navy blue glitter dress I bought from Tj Maxx with hot pink Jennifer Simpson's clutch and Victoriassecret pumps in a different shade of pink called lingdonberry. It was close to being matchy-matchy but I liked the way the two colors blended together. I also had silver drop ear-rings with pink studs and a black jacket on hand for the sudden change in weather.

                                                                                                                         Hubby and I

          At the Party and yeah, that is all we had to drink; pop! We are not drinkers at all...:)

So to answer the question "When do I shop?" I will say I shop whenever it is convenient for me. On my way back from work  or online. It is something I always do in a hurry and spontaneously most times. I rarely will leave the house dressed up just to go to the store and shop. It is always something I do while trying to get other things done so I always go to places where I can get good deals and quick check-outs. I am a busy-busy mom...:-) I wish you all a happy thanksgiving in advance.


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  1. Great post!! Man I tell ya Target gets me every time lol I cant walk in that store for one thing if my life depended on it smh.

    Editor & Chic


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