Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Little Polka dots...

My week is going great and I hope everyone else is also having a great time in Blogs Ville. A big Congratulations to the forty-fourth President of the United States, Barack Obama for his re-election. Now we all can move forward and look for creative and fun ways to make things work better in the economy and all what not...:)

So, I spent my weekend putting finishing touches to my closet. I had to put all those summer outfits away and get all my winter attire within reach. Funny enough, the weather is still very nice and beautiful and it looks like this is going to be an amazing winter. I am up for that! "Amen to an amazing winter." Like I was saying; got really busy fixing up that closet and suddenly realized that there was no more room for any new stuff. My modest walk-in closet is already jam packed with clothes and shoes and with the little spill-over in my daughter and son's closets,I know it is time to stop! My son was even complaining a while back that mummy's clothes are starting to take over his closet. So, I will just shop my own closet from now on and make pieces work for any occasion. It will save me a lot of money too. No more running to the store on on-line store to purchase any outfit for that up coming occasion. **hmmmm, we'll see how it goes.**

The outfit I am wearing here in this post is one of those tops I forgot I ever owned. I saw it amongst a pile of oldies and went oh! la! la!! I totally forgot about it. Thinking about it now, it does look like a peplum top but not quite; it's actually an empire blouse. I am happy to say that I found a couple other peplum tops in my closet during the reorganization. I've had the tops for years and never even knew they were going to become trendy again. I actually didn't even know they were called "Peplum tops" until the trend hit the fashion scene again last year...:-). I will showcase the other lost and found tops later but for now, let's talk about this reclaimed blouse which I bought from Tj Maxx. (I'm a big fan of the departmental store cos there are lots of trendy pieces at affordable prices.)

I paired it with my black cropped pants which you might have grown tired of seeing by now but I love it a lot and can not let go of it until the snow piles up to my feet! **nice rhyming, right?...:)**

Wearing the black pumps from the super-model collection by Colin Stuart from Victoriassecret as seen here and thrifted cuffs (Which has similar "poky dots" as my top) I added some color with the red clutch and Bingo!..:)

Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for all the beautiful comments. I wish you loads of fun for the rest of the week and please, remember to always count your blessings. **Kisses.**


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