Friday, November 2, 2012

Grey tones- From Night to Day

Hi Everyone, nice to be back in Blogs Ville, the beautiful virtual world! I have not done an outfit post in almost two weeks and this is supposed to be a fashion blog. **eyes rolling** I did sign in to make comments about one or two things relating to fashion though. And it was my birthday on the last day of October too. Yes, my birthday is on Halloween holiday but I do not care about that holiday much. I was born and raised in Africa and though I knew about the holiday at a very young age but it has never been my cup of tea! I do believe in spirits but only Godly spirits. I do not want anything to do with witches flying on brooms and devils but this is not to offend anyone who celebrates the holiday.

I am still enjoying all the birthday leftovers even though there was no official party. In this post, I am wearing an after work party/dinner outfit; a grey camisole top and floral Nine West pleated skirt I got from Tj Maxx. Interestingly, it's officially Fall season but the weather is in the fifties which is a little odd. I accessorized my outfit with a Nine West black clutch and grey Zigisoho pumps. I love round toe pumps but I know  pointed black toe pumps would have been best for this outfit. In fashion, it's always good to be comfortable so I chose comfort over style.

One more thing I'll like to say about this outfit is that the weather was a little cloudy and this also might not be the best choice of outfit for a cloudy day but blogging about fashion is fun because you can do critiques on fashion do's and don'ts and I rather do a critique on myself than on others.  My biggest style/fashion makeover has been infusing a lot of color into my closet. Before now I used to dress with the weather and I'll be grey when the weather is grey (as with this outfit) and be blue when the weather is blue which is not totally wrong but sometimes fashion or what we wear can influence our mood too.

A wardrobe malfunction which should be a No-No in any lady's outfit is the peeking bra straps and deep v-neck as can be seen in this picture. I always have a survival kit on hand to fix this; some pins to strap the bra to the outfit and a tank top in the same color would help to cover the chest area. Sometimes though, some tops do not look nice with a tank underneath as with this top which is a camisole and supposed to be worn under a jacket.

Below are pictures of this same skirt (which is my one of my favorite skirts) worn with a jacket and a crisp white shirt; very suitable for work. See more pics here


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