Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Just Stripes for August First

It's August First and I just can not believe how fast the year is coming to an end..I can still remember most of the events that happened on the first day of the year like it was yesterday. Anyway, how are you doing? You are welcome to my blog and thanks a lot for stopping by. I titled this post; "Just stripes for August first" because it is my first styling post on anything stripes!!..:) and today being the first day, of the month, I deemed it appropriate to also feature a "Styling first." (Tongue-twister?)

Usually, I do not like outfits with stripes and I only have just a couple of them in my closet. Stylists have a lot to say about it. Vertical stripes are slimming and horizontal stripes are fattening...As for me, all stripes are fattening, period!...:) They never work for me and I admire it on other people that are able to pull them off nicely. Now back to my outfit...

I purchased this dress a while ago from Metrostyle and it was the color of the stripes that really drew me in. I had known for a long time that stripes do not work for me but decided to give it another try. And besides, the pattern on this dress was more of streaks than stripes. I love purple and brown colors and the clash of purple, wine, brown and white in this dress was something I could not resist plus it was on sale too. It is currently marked down for $49.99. Check it out here. When the dress was delivered, I thought it was a little too large for me even though I had ordered it at my current size at that time.  My initial thought was to return the dress but then I changed my mind. It hung in my closet for close to seven months before I decided to give it a try..

The belt came with the dress...

I like that the dress is flared helps to hide all the curves...:)

I wore it to a casual outing so, I decided to use very simple accessories.

I used my old vintage brown bag which is of the same color as the belt..

And my Steve Madden sling back sandals...I decided to skip on jewelry (the weather was way too hot!) except for my single wooden bracelet which you have seen a lot on this blog...:)

It was my friend's wedding shower last weekend and since her colors were purple and silver, she asked her friends to come dressed for the shower in purple outfits. The wedding is this next weekend and I have a purple print dress picked out already. I will post pictures from the party if I am able to get some. I might be too busy to take pictures...:)These are two special things about me; I love weddings and I love purple! Have a wonderful week everyone. See you soon.

You can see a picture of the same dress on a Model below...

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