Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Yellow Floral...

Hi Readers, I hope you all are having an amazing week so far. This is what I wore to church last Sunday. Blazers are out of my alley for now because summer is officially here and there is this heat wave that is currently spreading through the US. I just had to rearrange my closet and all my sheer blouses and skirts are  front and center right now peeking at me each time I walk into my closet. This floral sheer blouse with a straight black skirt was the winning outfit of the day..**smiles**

                  The light weight fabric of the blouse and skirt is very hot-weather appropriate

I decided to add a pop of color with my yellow pumps which are super-super comfy!!

I'm not really into make-up so, it was really nice to go very light due to the very hot weather..

Minimal accessories: A brown clutch, a gold toned chunky bracelet and an orange color ring to accentuate the yellow and orange floral piece on my pumps which is why I titled this post; "Yellow Floral."

                                                       A very simple look I think...

                                     I really like the neck-line of this blouse..       

 My floral sheer blouse and skirt were purchased a long time ago and I do not really remember what store I got them from but I think it might be TJ Maxx because most of my blouses were purchased there.  I bought my yellow pumps from a bridal shop in my neighborhood which has since moved to a different location. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying the new week and month so far. It's July 4th tomorrow and I have this "cheesy" flag inspired outfit I planned to wear for the day...:)

See you soon. However, I will not say goodbye without sharing a bit of my faith with you. "I love you all my readers but God loves you most!!" **Kissess**



  1. Cute outfit, nice blog,thx for visiting mine:) follow each other?

  2. Yes, that would be nice. Thanks Joy

  3. Very adorable shoes! And I really love your ring :) you look gorgeous sweetie!



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