Sunday, July 1, 2012

July, Jewelry and giving...

It is first of July and I am so excited!! The first six months of the year has already rolled by and God has been faithful to us. I believe the next six months are going to be even more awesome!..:) More so, I have been having a nice and relaxing time with my blog which is my creative board where I have been letting out my thoughts in pictures and texts the last couple of months.

If you are a reader that has gone through some of my styling posts you would have noticed by now that I need some help in the accessorizing dept...:) and maybe in hair styling and make-up too...:) ha! ha!! My make-over or color story which is the purpose for which this blog was set up, continues....

Jewelry is something I have not really been into when it comes to fashion. I like shoes a lot and barely have enough room to store all the new pairs I keep getting and my closet racks are boursting with all my clothes but jewelry?....hmmm**cough** Well, this is how far I have gone with my jewelry make-over..

This beautiful set here is a gift I got from my friend and co-worker a couple of months ago which I mentioned in a styling post I did a while back. She is an Avon Associate and usually tells me about good deals and discounts whenever they are available  but I was so surprised when I came to work and she handed me an Avon pouch containg four sets of fashion jewelry and I was really touched.

I really love this set and I am looking forward to using it on a pretty little black dress...You see, I got it months ago and haven't even used it yet...:) I'll get to it...

This is the second set of jewelry that was in my cute little gift package. These blue fashion silver toned set is just beautiful and very suitable for me because It's not so bold. I like minimal jewelry most times but would sometimes do "the statement piece" when there is need to...:)

                                                                    How cute!!

    This pink studs and gold toned studs are also gifts from my friend Felma and I really appreciate the gesture she made by giving me these awesome pieces to stimulate my jewelry senses...:)

These sets are the last but not the least in the gift package and they are a beautiful pair too.

Previously, I never had a jewelry box but used to purchase fashion jewelry on "as needed basis." I buy them when I have an event coming up, use them and discard them wherever only to search endlessly for them later when I need them for another occassion...:)

Well, now, I have this red velvet jewelry box which can barely take all the pieces I have been getting this past months..**smile** I have found out that the thrift store or consignment store is a good place to stock up on nice pieces which are vintage and timeless and I believe jewelry do not have to be solid gold or diamond all the time to be beautiful. There are so many gold toned jewelry and silver toned jewelry that are very beautiful and classy pieces and can be worn anywhere. You do not have to spend a thousand bucks to look like a million bucks!! Your fashion style is an expression of who you are and not how much you are wearing.

This is one of the old pieces I recovered from turning the house upside down...:) I bought this piece from the Victoriassecret catalogue about ten years back.

This piece I really love and I purchased it from a friend who was into the fashion jewelry business a while ago and I recently used it for a styling post here.

The jewelry make-over continues and I will bring you more of my styling gist later. Now, I'm off to church and I will take more pictures of every colorful outfit to showcase on my blog. I wish you all a wonderful month of July. **Kissess.!!**


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