Saturday, June 9, 2012

Orange Hue..

 The weekend has been great so far. The only glitch is the weather. It was about 90 degrees in the twin cities today. It was scorching hot!! The forecast is pretty much the same tomorrow too. It's my friend's daughter's birthday today and we went to the buffet restaurant to celebrate. My darling hubby came along and it is always so nice when he comes for the kid's friends' birthday. His favorite thing to do is to pray for the kids on their special day. If you read my introduction to my blog, you must know by now that my faith is a big part of my life; every other thing is just secondary. Some people believe this is a contradiction. They think Christians are not supposed to spend time looking good and to this I just reply; "I don't spend time looking good-I just look good!!" Ha! Ha!!...:)

More so, after Christ was crucified, the roman soldiers cast lots for his clothing. You see that??? His clothing was so unique that they cast lots for it! Anyways, I'll share with you and my future readers what I wore to the birthday party in this hot steamy weather. Aside from blazers, my other favorite clothing item are dresses and I am just gradually throwing in skirts piece by piece into my closet.

                 A little tired but still a supermom!..:)

Chipped Nails: from doing house chores...:)

    Sun glasses: Target

              Necklace: Random (do not remember where) Ring: Burlington

Dress and tights: Tj Maxx/Wedges: Steve Madden

I will share with you some more pictures from the outing.

   My hubby took these pics so he was not in the shots but you can see some more family photos here

                                      My latest darling girl that turned one a couple of months ago            

Birthday girl in her sun glasses..:)

Have a nice week everyone and please be safe as you celebrate graduations, birthdays and other parties.


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