Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pink Things...

Did I mention I love blazers and suits?...:) I love formal wear which I usually call "Corporate wear" or "Corporate attire" and I love dresses in between. As we all know, it is easy to pick up colored dresses from the store rack and build up a colorful closet. But what happens when you love blazers and suits? They usually do not come in pastels; more in neutrals, dark and grey colors....
This is a recent outfit I put together. I was happy to find this pink A-line skirt and pink/black pin striped jacket at a store and I think it all came together nicely. The pink slip-ons are pretty old; I've had them for years.

I wear this outfit to work and also to church and that is right about it. I do not think it is suitable for any other occassion like dinners and stuff..What do you think?

I say again, Pink is not a usual color for corporate attires and it is a very tricky color to work with. When doing pink as office wear, it is best to stay off a "full pink outfit" in order to appear professional and business like. A full pink outfit is best for a wedding ceremony, a bridal shower or other girly intimate parties. So, the advice is this; "Never go to the office in an "all-pink attire."

For this look, I am wearing a black jacket with pink/black-pin stripes and a black camisole over a pink A-line pleated skirt and  pink slip-on heels by Collin Stuart from Victoriassecret Catalogue. Some offices have dress code for their employees and colors like pink are not allowed and if you work in such a place, it's better to follow the rules. However, if you have your own business or you are in a place where you are given more freedom, just have fun with your outfits. If you think the pink is too much, you can swop the pink heels for black. Also, another thing to remember when wearing a pink skirt is this; "Put on dark colored" Pink fabric, just like white and other light colors can be very transparent

For the Semi-Corporate look of this pink outfit, see below;

I have been having issues with my camera lately. The flash probably never came on when I took these pictures so, the quality is really poor. It's hard to tell the actual colors of the garments and I just had to take snap-shots of the outfit on the hangers!

Pardon the creases on the skirt...


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