Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Know more about me plus meet my Family...

Hi everyone, I hope everything is going great. I promised in my previous post to share a little more about myself and that is what this post is all about.

Put up my dreadlocks in a ponytail for the Ceremony..

So, let me re-introduce myself; I am Beauty, in my mid thirties; and married with three beautiful kids. These are some of the pictures from my Family album. The first set of pictures are from my wedding. Style wise, I'm wearing a beautiful A-line dress that I purchased from David's Bridal with pink glass beads in the floral appliques (not obvious from the pictures) and elbow length gloves.

My color theme was pink and red. I tell you, there was a lot of DIY involved in the entire bridal party look. I purchased the brides' maid dress fabric from the fabric store and designed the look for my seamstress who executed the look beautifully. The faux fur sleeves on the dresses really gave them a chic and elegant look. I topped my own look with my red fabric rose bouquet which I also made myself. Also I  held a small faux fur clutch with glass bead strap (which I made myself ). It was a destination wedding and we had so much fun with family and friends.

Also, one fact about me is that I have been wearing dreadlocks since the early 2000s and I cut off a bit of my dreads every couple of years to control the length. Before my wedding, I debated whether to cut off the entire dreads and put in hair extensions but decided to keep it last minute and put it up in a pony tail instead.

 Let down my hair for the reception...
Can you tell my hair was in locks? It was nicely done and looked like braids. My hair stylist did a good job on my dreads..I miss it..:( (I finally cut off all of my dreadlocks a couple of years back)

My maid of honor is at the extreme right with the pink faux fur clutch

I like this yellow dress I got from Chadwicks. The style is simple and the fabric is very comfy. I topped off the outfit with neutral color heels from Colin Stuart/Victoriassecret catalogue. I'm surprised at the amount of jewelry I had on here. I usually do not wear that much. I still find it hard to wear rings on my fingers. I usually take them off after an hour and that explains why I do not wear my wedding ring...I really like the colorful outfits the kids and I had on in the above pic but I must say my Family has grown a lot since these pics were taken...Thanks so much for stopping by here.

                                                               Bible Verse of the day

Psalm 136 vs 1
"Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for he is good! For his mercy endures forever."




  1. Yeah, I made all the bridesmaid's bouquets including mine and all the buttonieres. I also made the faux-fur pouches for myself and the maid of honor and I designed the bridesmaids dresses myself. I think I did a good job..lol

  2. Your family is so beautiful! And looks like you had a great wedding! Congratulations!


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